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  Weekday Shows And Features   

The Morning Show With Joe Davis--Monday-Friday 6AM-9AM


Wake Up informed and entertained with Joe Davis.

Join Joe for a look at the days' weather, along with

great country music from today and classics from

"The Rack In Back". Stay up to date with the latest

local happenings and upcoming area events.

Keep abreast of world and national news

with FOX News at the top of the hour.


Agriculture is a major part of the local economy

and Joe talks with Agriculture Agents from

the surrounding counties

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 9AM.


Buy, Sell, Swap and Trade on Joe's

"Flea Market"  Monday, Wednesday

and Friday mornings at 905AM



Donna Davis "The Old Broadcaster"



Ease thru your late morning, whether

on the road,

at home or work,

Donna plays your music,

with her special selections from

"The Rack In Back" and chats

with you about this or that

and keeps you updated on

the weather twice each hour.






Monday-Friday 2PM-5PM



Wrap up your workday with Dan with a 

dose of

classic country

from the "The Rack In Back"

and today's country.


Along FOX News at the top

and bottom of each hour,

catch up on local events with the

"Action File " update at 2:30 PM.


Listen for the closing AG market reports

during the

"Going Home Reports"

at 4 and 5 PM




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